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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sensonic Cordless Glaser Mouse MG220 (Price: RM 39.00)


smart power saving
prolongs battery life - mouse revert to sleep mode automatically when not in use.1AA battery is adaquate instead of 2 pcs.

2.4Ghz wireless connection
2.4Ghz enables longer transmission distance and reliable connection with
virtually no delay and drop-out.

work on almost any surfaces

dusty glass*



shinny table

uneven surface

*mouse needs to track microscopic scratches, dust and other particles resting on glass
 surface as tracking reference point. Thus it won't work on glass surface that is perfectly clean.
*at least 4mm thick

 2.4GHz digital connection
1600/1200/800 switchable dpi
nano receiver
available color:berry pink, blackish grey, chestnut brown

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