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Wednesday, October 9, 2013


According to local newspaper, some factory in Muar were caught by related government agent that using pirated software for commercial purposes.

It is suggest that any company is not using genuine software to take action to avoid any punishment via related agency.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Brother DCP-J315W: Home & Small Business Helper

Review by By Marine Goy 
Translated by: Sam McGeever


Product Detail:

The Brother DCP-315W is a multifunction inkjet printer designed for use at home for printing documents and photos.  It includes built-in WiFi and its 32 MB of memory mean you can use it even in a busy family home with ten or more users.


The DCP-315W starts off well with network support, WiFi and drivers for Windows, Mac and Linux.  The compact form factor-39 x 36.8 x 15 cm and 6.8 kg on the scales-means you should easily find somewhere to put it.  You can use a card reader to view photos on the screen and decide which ones to print.  The paper drawer can hold up to a hundred sheets.  The display isn't touchscreen, so any interaction relies on the buttons to the right of the screen.  We much prefer touchscreen interfaces, but the system offered here is perfectly intuitive.  While we're on the subject of things that are missing, there's no double-sided printing, and a fax machine isn't included, although anybody who needs one can choose a model from the MFC family.

The control panel: a 1.9'' screen and lots of buttons
Inside, there are four different cartridges, which is handy as you only need to replace the one that's actually out of ink, but the ones that are supplied are 'standard' capacity-or in other words, not very full and so they won't last very long.  At least they benefit from Brother's very sensible front-loading system.

It's easy to reach the four cartridges

Space to store the USB cable


The DCP-315W is hardly lightning-fast, but that's not necessarily what home users are looking for.  Five pages per minute in black and white and colour is just a little slower than the Canon Pixma MG5150, which reaches six ppm in black and white and nine ppm in colour.

You'll need to be patient if you're printing photos: a 4 x 6'' print takes around three minutes while an A4 photo can take up to eight minutes, which is very slow indeed!

Photo printing: 8 minutes for A4, almost 3 minutes for 4 x 6''


As is so often the case with inkjet printers, text documents look great, but despite its tiny 1.5 picolitre ink droplets, complex graphics and detailed work are beyond this printer.  On our test document, solid blocks of colour were marred by flecks across the whole page, especially around the edge of text.  The fact that the colours don't have much oomph doesn't help things much either.

Compare the Brother DCP-J315W to other printers in our Product Face-Off

Photo prints suffer from the same problems: colours that aren't reproduced accurately, with a red tinge in colour shots and a green tint to monochrome prints.  There's a small problem with sharpness, especially with faces.  The overall results are satisfactory and perfectly acceptable as long as you're not planning on hanging them in a professional gallery.

Scanner and copier

At 12 seconds to scan a 300 dpi document, the DCP-315W is a little slower than average, but the results are acceptable.  Some detail is lost, but the lines of the face are still clear in this scan, and the resolution is a little better than on most competing models.

Copies are slow: from the moment you press the button to the arrival of your copy, you have to wait 35 seconds in black and white and a whole 41 seconds in colour.  To compare the DCP-315W to the Canon Pixma MG5150 once again, it can do the same tasks in 10 seconds and 17 seconds respectively, making the DCP-315W twice as slow.  Our test graphics were only just about useable with a lot more noise than in the original.  We recommend you stick to text documents in this mode.

Energy consumption and noise levels

This is one area where the DCP-315W really excels.   To start with, we were impressed that we could programme the standby mode ourselves to start after anywhere between a minute or an hour of inactivity.  When the printer is on standby, the consumption is a mere 1 W, something we'd like to see every product manage, and it only rises to 12 W when printing, well below the average of 19 W.  To top it all off, printing is a very quiet 46 dB(A) experience.

Cost per page: 15.9 p!

And this is Brother's big problem: all of its rivals are working to bring down costs, especially by offering XL cartridges, the Japanese firm consistently offers more expensive consumbles.  As a result, its running costs are higher, even in black and white where a single page costs 3.4 9.

ISO Lifespan

CartridgePriceISO LifepanCost per page
LC985BK (black)£19.193003.4 p
LC985C (cyan)£10.792604.15 p
LC985M (magenta)£10.792604.15 p
LC985Y (yellow)£10.792604.15 p

2/5Brother DCP-J315WDigitalVersus2011-10-06 00:00:00


  • WiFi
  • Easy to use
  • Low energy consumption
  • Quiet
  • Separate ink cartridges


  • High running costs
  • Just one cartridge size
  • Weak with office documents
  • Slow print speeds
  • No double-sided printing


The Brother DCP-J315W is a small, easy-to-use printer. It's just a shame that it's not faster, more accurate or cheaper to run!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

GIGABYTE BRIX: Ultra Compact PC Kit

Uncompromising Performance with the Smallest of Footprints
Taipei, Taiwan, May 24, 2013- GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, is proud to present today the GIGABYTE BRIX, an ultra compact PC, combining an incredibly small and sleek form factor chassis design with a choice of high-performance Intel® Core™ processors, fast SSD storage, integrated Wi-Fi, USB 3.0 plus dual digital display outputs.

“The BRIX lays down a new standard in terms of compact form factor, connectivity and performance, making it suitable for a broad range of applications in the home, office and commercial spaces,” commented Henry Kao, Vice President of GIGABYTE Motherboard Business Unit. “The BRIX demonstrates how we can leverage our exceptional R&D and manufacturing prowess to create new and exciting PC products that defy convention.”

GIGABYTE BRIX: Ultra Compact Computing 2.0
The BRIX from GIGABYTE is an ultra compact (29.9 x 107.9 x 114.6 mm) and versatile DIY PC kit available with a broad choice of processors covering a range of performance and price points. Redefining the desktop PC in terms of miniaturization with a form factor that sits in the palm of your hand, the BRIX doesn’t hold back in terms display and peripheral connectivity, or raw performance, and is ideal for compact HTPC builds, as a standard desktop in the home or office, or in commercial applications such as digital signage.

GIGABYTE designed the BRIX to be smaller and lighter than currently available products, with a stylish glass surface mounted on an anthracite aluminum frame. The BRIX comes complete with a GIGABYTE compact form factor motherboard, Wi-Fi module, VESA mounting bracket and power adapter, requiring only an mSATA SSDSO-DIMMmemory and OS.

Comprehensive Processor Options
The BRIX is available with a choice of four power-efficient, 3rd Generation Intel processors. From a simple internet access point, to a high-end multimedia station, the GIGABYTE BRIX offers great flexibility for a wide range of different usage applications.
BRIX ModelGB-XM1-3537GB-XM11-3337GB-XM12-3227GB-XM14-1037
Intel ProcessorIntel® Core™ i7-3537UIntel® Core™  i5-3337UIntel® Core™ i3-3227UIntel® Celeron™ 1037U
Clock Frequency2 GHz – 3.1GHz1.8 GHz – 2.7GHz1.9 GHz1.8 GHz
Smart Cache4MB3MB3MB2MB

Dual Digital Displays
With support for HDMI and DisplayPort, the BRIX can power two displays simultaneously, making it a perfect choice as a high-productivity PC in professional and home environments, or in any number of industrial and commercial multi-display applications.

A Flexible, Compact DIY PC Kit 
The BRIX is sold as a DIY PC kit, shipping with a Wi-Fi Mini PCIe module pre-installed, plus a power adapter and cable conforming to local standards. Requiring only SO-DIMM system memory and mSATA SSD, the BRIX gives users the flexibility to independently choose integrated storage and system memory sizes, without the trouble of sourcing components that are not widely available on the retail market.

VESA Support 
Bundled with a VESA bracket, the BRIX can easily be mounted behind a monitor or HDTV making it discreetly hidden from view. This offers a simple and elegant way to turn any VESA-compliantdisplay or TV into a full-featured PC or digital signage unit.


More detail about the product:

Monday, August 19, 2013

Soundfreaq Make Your Phone Become Hi-Fi

说到这类能对应智能手机、手提电脑、平板电脑,包括如苹果产品iPhone、iPod、iPad、Blackberry、Android手机,还有苹果电脑、Windows电脑等的音响系统,目前成为城中炙手可热的话题产品,实属美国新产品“Sound Freaq蓝牙对应音响系统”!
这款音响平台(The Sound Platform)最大的卖点,除了是它支援所有蓝牙装置作无线音频传输的蓝芽设备,当然还有其音质直达Hi-Fi级别的卓越特色。
Sound Freaq的标志性特点是自然重低音响应、结合自然稳定的低频输出效能、高效音质清晰和环绕立体声分离制作而设。它采用输出平均的振膜乡及经过悉心调效的音响双端插口,并配合UQ3空间改进处理器技术,提供出色听觉体验。简单来说就是:高音甜、中音准、低音劲!
•全面对应iPhone、iPod、iPad、Macbook、Macbook Pro与及包括A2DP Bluetooth的 蓝牙设备:智能手机、流动电话、平板电脑、个人手提电脑、小笔记本电脑及桌上型电脑。用家亦可从苹果网站下载最新最快的App,将iPhone和iPad变为你的音乐播放及遥控器。
•蓝牙对应:Tx Power:蓝牙2.0 + EDR/ Range:10m,33'/频段:2.4 GHz/ 频率响应:20到20000 Hz/ 支援A2DP无线技术器材 。
•30-pin dock底座连接埠,全面对应iPod及iPhone型号
•型号: SFQ - 01W
•喇叭:订制Kevlar增强振膜/2x 4 ohm, 2.75"全效能喇吧
•Sound Freaq音响平台内置扬声器
•AC适配器(输入: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz,输出: DC 20V = 3A)
•iPod Touch、iPhone 3GS 支援插头/ iPhone4底座(可作充电及接驳系统)

Translate by GOOGLE
Progress of the times, will allow users to enjoy hearing intelligent products to the next level! When you put all of your favorite music, audio and video are included in the downloaded music files, whether to also want to be able at all times to these musical sound "Zoom", and also hear the superb sound quality?
Technological advancement, really a lot of you will probably once thought impossible becomes possible, even the possibility to achieve in sight!
Speaking of this kind can cope smart phones, laptop computers, tablet computers, including Apple products such as iPhone, iPod, iPad, Blackberry, Android phones, and Apple computers, Windows computers, sound system, which has become a hot topic in town products, it is the new U.S. products "Sound Freaq Bluetooth corresponding sound system"!
Hi-Fi sound level
The Sound Platform (The Sound Platform) biggest selling point, in addition to its support for all Bluetooth devices Bluetooth wireless audio transmission equipment, and of course the sound quality Hi-Fi level direct superior characteristics.
In simple terms, it is the most obvious advantages and "good" are:
◆ handheld devices leave their hands
This sets the built-in wireless Bluetooth devices can connect with handheld devices, so no longer face "hear good sound quality, can not do anything else" problem, on the contrary, it can make you from any corner of the house can make wireless control wherever you go home, I heard where that handheld devices at all times in your hands!
◆ hand with today's technology and the future
The Sound Platform can play songs through Bluetooth connection to other portable devices also connected to it to use the A2DP Bluetooth technology, broadcasting your favorite music, but without additional connections.
◆ not just music
In addition to mobile phones, this product is also with the iPad and other smart mobile devices correspond. It is quite large speakers, broadcasting to the Hi-Fi sound quality is very taste, sound can be described as extraordinary. So whether it is music, movies, TV shows, videos, games, Internet radio, applications, etc., absolutely high-quality audio broadcast.
◆ Unique superior audio performance
Sound Freaq hallmark is a natural bass response, combined with the low-frequency output of natural stable performance, high clarity and surround sound stereo separation production and design. It uses the average output of the diaphragm Heung and efficiency through careful tuning acoustic double-ended socket, and with the improvement UQ3 space processor technology, providing excellent listening experience. Is simply: sweet treble, middle pitch, bass King!
◆ Features
• Comprehensive correspond iPhone, iPod, iPad, Macbook, Macbook Pro and including A2DP Bluetooth with Bluetooth devices: smart phones, mobile phones, tablet computers, personal laptop computers, small notebook and desktop computers. Users can also download the latest from Apple's fastest App, the iPhone and iPad into your music player and remote control.
• Bluetooth correspondence: Tx Power: Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR / Range: 10m, 33 '/ Band: 2.4 GHz / Frequency response: 20 to 20000 Hz / Support A2DP wireless technology equipment.
• High quality sound
• 30-pin dock dock connector port, fully corresponds to iPod and iPhone models
• Audio input: 3.5mm stereo headphone Interface
◆ Product Specifications
• Model: SFQ - 01W
• Sound Control: UQ3 audio amplifier / treble / bass
• Speaker: Custom Kevlar reinforced diaphragm / 2x 4 ohm, 2.75 "full performance Laba
• 3.5mm stereo headphone Interface
• regular output, supports all iPod and iPhone models
◆ Packing
• Sound Freaq audio platform built-in speaker
• Remote Control
• AC Adaptor (Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz, Output: DC 20V = 3A)
• iPod Touch, iPhone 3GS supports plug / iPhone4 base (can be used for charging and connection systems)

(News from 16/01/2013 -

More detail CLICK HERE!!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Come and Visit Our New Online Store

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We are glad to inform you all that finally VK have own domain hosting and online store!!

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