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Monday, August 19, 2013

Soundfreaq Make Your Phone Become Hi-Fi

说到这类能对应智能手机、手提电脑、平板电脑,包括如苹果产品iPhone、iPod、iPad、Blackberry、Android手机,还有苹果电脑、Windows电脑等的音响系统,目前成为城中炙手可热的话题产品,实属美国新产品“Sound Freaq蓝牙对应音响系统”!
这款音响平台(The Sound Platform)最大的卖点,除了是它支援所有蓝牙装置作无线音频传输的蓝芽设备,当然还有其音质直达Hi-Fi级别的卓越特色。
Sound Freaq的标志性特点是自然重低音响应、结合自然稳定的低频输出效能、高效音质清晰和环绕立体声分离制作而设。它采用输出平均的振膜乡及经过悉心调效的音响双端插口,并配合UQ3空间改进处理器技术,提供出色听觉体验。简单来说就是:高音甜、中音准、低音劲!
•全面对应iPhone、iPod、iPad、Macbook、Macbook Pro与及包括A2DP Bluetooth的 蓝牙设备:智能手机、流动电话、平板电脑、个人手提电脑、小笔记本电脑及桌上型电脑。用家亦可从苹果网站下载最新最快的App,将iPhone和iPad变为你的音乐播放及遥控器。
•蓝牙对应:Tx Power:蓝牙2.0 + EDR/ Range:10m,33'/频段:2.4 GHz/ 频率响应:20到20000 Hz/ 支援A2DP无线技术器材 。
•30-pin dock底座连接埠,全面对应iPod及iPhone型号
•型号: SFQ - 01W
•喇叭:订制Kevlar增强振膜/2x 4 ohm, 2.75"全效能喇吧
•Sound Freaq音响平台内置扬声器
•AC适配器(输入: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz,输出: DC 20V = 3A)
•iPod Touch、iPhone 3GS 支援插头/ iPhone4底座(可作充电及接驳系统)

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Progress of the times, will allow users to enjoy hearing intelligent products to the next level! When you put all of your favorite music, audio and video are included in the downloaded music files, whether to also want to be able at all times to these musical sound "Zoom", and also hear the superb sound quality?
Technological advancement, really a lot of you will probably once thought impossible becomes possible, even the possibility to achieve in sight!
Speaking of this kind can cope smart phones, laptop computers, tablet computers, including Apple products such as iPhone, iPod, iPad, Blackberry, Android phones, and Apple computers, Windows computers, sound system, which has become a hot topic in town products, it is the new U.S. products "Sound Freaq Bluetooth corresponding sound system"!
Hi-Fi sound level
The Sound Platform (The Sound Platform) biggest selling point, in addition to its support for all Bluetooth devices Bluetooth wireless audio transmission equipment, and of course the sound quality Hi-Fi level direct superior characteristics.
In simple terms, it is the most obvious advantages and "good" are:
◆ handheld devices leave their hands
This sets the built-in wireless Bluetooth devices can connect with handheld devices, so no longer face "hear good sound quality, can not do anything else" problem, on the contrary, it can make you from any corner of the house can make wireless control wherever you go home, I heard where that handheld devices at all times in your hands!
◆ hand with today's technology and the future
The Sound Platform can play songs through Bluetooth connection to other portable devices also connected to it to use the A2DP Bluetooth technology, broadcasting your favorite music, but without additional connections.
◆ not just music
In addition to mobile phones, this product is also with the iPad and other smart mobile devices correspond. It is quite large speakers, broadcasting to the Hi-Fi sound quality is very taste, sound can be described as extraordinary. So whether it is music, movies, TV shows, videos, games, Internet radio, applications, etc., absolutely high-quality audio broadcast.
◆ Unique superior audio performance
Sound Freaq hallmark is a natural bass response, combined with the low-frequency output of natural stable performance, high clarity and surround sound stereo separation production and design. It uses the average output of the diaphragm Heung and efficiency through careful tuning acoustic double-ended socket, and with the improvement UQ3 space processor technology, providing excellent listening experience. Is simply: sweet treble, middle pitch, bass King!
◆ Features
• Comprehensive correspond iPhone, iPod, iPad, Macbook, Macbook Pro and including A2DP Bluetooth with Bluetooth devices: smart phones, mobile phones, tablet computers, personal laptop computers, small notebook and desktop computers. Users can also download the latest from Apple's fastest App, the iPhone and iPad into your music player and remote control.
• Bluetooth correspondence: Tx Power: Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR / Range: 10m, 33 '/ Band: 2.4 GHz / Frequency response: 20 to 20000 Hz / Support A2DP wireless technology equipment.
• High quality sound
• 30-pin dock dock connector port, fully corresponds to iPod and iPhone models
• Audio input: 3.5mm stereo headphone Interface
◆ Product Specifications
• Model: SFQ - 01W
• Sound Control: UQ3 audio amplifier / treble / bass
• Speaker: Custom Kevlar reinforced diaphragm / 2x 4 ohm, 2.75 "full performance Laba
• 3.5mm stereo headphone Interface
• regular output, supports all iPod and iPhone models
◆ Packing
• Sound Freaq audio platform built-in speaker
• Remote Control
• AC Adaptor (Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz, Output: DC 20V = 3A)
• iPod Touch, iPhone 3GS supports plug / iPhone4 base (can be used for charging and connection systems)

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