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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sensonic Mobile Power Bank P3000

The festive season is around the corner, headache on what to choose for your beloved one during xmas? come and see our VK season promotion!!!


Offer Price: RM 89.00 (NP: RM 99.00)
促销价:RM 89.00 (原价:RM 99.00)
Offer Period: 08/12/2012 ~ 07/01/2013


Versatile/Wide Compatibility
Charge almost all portable electronics including iPhone/iPad. Complete with AIO TipChain Smart Cable where all tips are chained in one straight cable, no risk of losing unconnected tips. Charging Capacity quick chart in hours/times (estimate):
Smartphone -20 GPS/PDA -20
MP3/MP4 Player -90 iPhone - 2 times
Bluetooth Headset -100 iPad 1/2 times

充电几乎所有便携式电子产品,包括iPhone/ iPad,.齐全的多功能只能电缆个插頭是在一个串接成一个单一的电缆,無需在害怕沒有被連接的插頭遺失 。充电容量快速(估计数字):
Smartphone -20 GPS/PDA -20
MP3/MP4 Player -90 iPhone - 2 times
Bluetooth Headset -100 iPad 1/2 times

Green Battery/Intelligent Battery Chipset
Utilize lithium polymer battery endures an amazing 500 charging cycles without causing significant battery degradation.
Retains 90% of battery capacity even it is not being used for a year, achieved thru the use of better battery management and quality battery to minimise self-discharge.
就算是一年都没有用过,任然能保持90%的电池存量。 但如果能好好的使用一保养将能达到最低的自放电。

World Class Safety and Protection
Intelligent IC prevent over-charging/self-discharge Over charging shorten battery lifespan significantly and increase the risk of battery explosion. Charging automatically stop when
battery is fully charged.
Over temperature/current/short circuit Protection Auto powers off to protect the battery pack and target charging device's delicate circuitry.

All-In-One TipChain™ Smart Cable included:
Travel Smart with just one cable to charge all portable electronics . With the intelligent slide-out design, each Tip is serially connected in one into a single cable.

To use a tip, simply slide it out from the TipChain™ cradle and angle it towards a connecting port. All unused tips stay interlocked.
Have no fear of losing unconnected tips as this cable keeps every Tip neat and secure in one straight cable. You can remove or return unused tips with great ease.

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