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Monday, December 31, 2012

Panda Global Protection 2013

1 User: RM 106.00
3 Users: RM 170.00

Everything you need to protect your PC, your data and your family against all kinds of threats.

Protection against all kinds of threats
Identity protection against cyber-criminals
Protect your Family against web attacks and inappropriate web content
Keep your PC in perfect condition

Panda Security's Cloud Technology

The power of the cloud

Cloud Technology
The Panda Security Cloud Technology offers a new protection model based on a user community where everyone contributes. Your computer will always be updated and protected. Additionally, your PC won't limit detection capabilities as Panda's huge virus detection database is located on the Internet (Cloud).
Protection, protection and more protection.
  • Protection against spyware, phishing (online fraud), rootkits (stealth techniques) and banker Trojans.
  • Real-time protection
  • New Web Filter for safe Web browsing.
  • Complete protection against known and unknown virus attacks.
  • Vaccinate your USB flash drives against infections.
  • Firewall. Block intruders and hackers, even on your wireless network.

Panda World

Fast scanning.
Faster scanning thanks to the incorporation of new multi-thread technologies. It only works when necessary. It's so light you won't even notice it is there.
Fast scanning
Multimedia/Gaming Mode.
Enjoy the multimedia world and play without interruptions! Your antivirus keeps watching without bothering you.
Multimedia/Gaming Mode
Reduced resource consumption
as the malware database is in the cloud, not on your PC. Its lightweight protection minimizes performance impact.
Reduced resource consumption
Maximum disinfection performance
thanks to the new Panda Cloud Cleaner technologies. Keep your computer more protected than ever.
Maximum disinfection performance

Everything you need.

Password manager

Password manager

Forget about having to memorize all of your passwords

If you have signed up for multiple online services and you have a different password on every site, how can you possibly memorize all of them?
Using the same password for all of the accounts is definitely not advisable, but at the same time it is almost impossible to remember them all.
With the password manager, all you have to remember is one simple master password. From there, the service recognizes and remembers everything you need Also, as you don't have to remember passwords again you can create different, stronger passwords for each service.
The result: more security with less effort.

File encryption

Protect your files from prying eyes

There is no doubt your PC, external hard disk and USB drive contain documents, photos, etc. that you don't want to end up in the wrong hands.
Store all your important documents securely and enjoy peace of mind knowing your information is private.
Additionally, you will be able to delete files securely, so that they cannot be restored even with forensic tools or hacking techniques.
Delete files for good.
File encryption


Speed up your PC

Over time, your PC gets filled up with temporary files, cookies and other useless files that gradually slow it down.
Additionally, every time files are modified, copied, etc., they are split up into small fragments, which are spread over the hard disk. This fragmentation means that it takes longer to scan in a particular file.
Clean up your PC for peak performance. You won't see a difference, but you will notice it.

Remote access

Help others help you

Access your computer wherever you are, whenever you want, without having to carry it around.
Share all of your computer files in seconds. Instantly share your PC with whoever you want from the safety of your home.Or, if you prefer, leave your computer on to allow remote connections if needed. Letting others help you was never so easy.
Remote access


Forget backup copies... until you need them.

Say goodbye to the times when you desperately tried to recover those treasured holiday photos you had accidentally deleted.
Specify the files to protect, choose where to save them (external hard disk or the Internet) and back up your most important files easily and without hassle.
Back up and retrieve your data whenever you need it quickly and simply.

Parental control

Safeguard children's online safety.

Protecting your children is as important as educating them. The parental control feature lets you select what sites or types of sites your child can or cannot access (education, weapons, news, pornography, drugs, etc.). Additionally, you can control which websites they have accessed or tried to access.
Parental control gives your kids the freedom to use the Internet, at the same time flagging any behavior you feel is inappropriate. Protect your children's innocence online.
Parental control


Get rid of spam.

You get home, check your email and... There they are, hundreds of unwanted messages flooding your inbox. Spam is often a source of scams as well as a huge time waster due to the amount of time you must spend cleaning it out.
The anti-spam protection keeps your inbox free of all unwanted messages, allowing you to focus on the email that really matters. Enjoy reading your email once again.
And you can always check the unwanted messages folder and see the time you have saved yourself. Eliminate spam from your life, and enjoy clean email once again.

Identity protection

Prevent data theft

Theft of confidential data through the Internet and social networking sites is on the rise.
Identity protection stops data leakage by preventing applications from obtaining confidential information (account numbers, credit card numbers, etc.) from your computer and sending it over the Internet without your knowledge.
Ensure your privacy and peace of mind!
Identity protection

Protects your online world and…

Panda WorldYour PC 

Your web experience 

Your network 

Your email 

Your family & Your identity 

Your valuable data 

Your PC performance 

Your passwords & confidential files

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